How can your sense of taste help you sleep? Think teas!


Teas offer a variety of benefits. You can sip while relaxing, before, during or after work, in the morning, in the evening, anytime!  Some taste fantastic, others well... you have to get used to them.  

Teas can help you sleep too! There are a wide variety of bedtime teas that promote relaxation and are great in the evening.

Recommended Teas

When selecting your best bedtime teas, keep in mind the following:

  • Not all teas are created the same.
  • Tea is very much like food; you get what you pay for 
  • Even at the same price point, quality varies highly


Historically cultivated for more than 2,500 years, lavender was so highly thought of that in ancient Rome, a single pound of lavender blossoms cost the equivalent of a month’s wages for a farm worker.


Humans have cultivated valerian root for thousands of years, back to the days of ancient Greece, and today, it is most often consumed dry, or as an herbal tea.  Valerian root was used in ancient Greece and Rome to ease insomnia, stress, nervousness, trembling and headaches.


Worshipped for its properties by the ancient Egyptians and revered by the Greeks as magical, chamomile has been used for centuries as a relaxing and soothing herb.


One of my favorites. It's a good place to start...


Ground tea vs. Loose Leaf Tea

Is there a difference?


There's a lot of debate on this subject.  Many believe that store-bought teas are inferior.  They assert the following:

  • grounded leaves and branches stuffed in a bag may be readily available and are of low quality.  
  • much of these type of teas sit in a warehouse for months waiting for shipment and then sit in the store for a while longer 

Others assert that loose leaf teas are over priced and over marketed.  

Not wanting to believe the hype, I've gone to see for myself.  I've traveled long distances to meet with tea experts and merchants from all over the world and found that there's truth in both camps.

This dilemma can be problematic.  On the one hand, for better sleep you want the convenience of buying the tea at the supermarket.  On the other hand, if you're like me, you have a discriminating taste, especially with things that go into your body...

So, what's the solution? After many years of study and tasting I believe I've solved this dilemma. 

Few things beat the convenience of items available at the store.  However, for the best tasting experience, loose leaf teas are superior compared to store-bought bag tea. But where do you find high quality loose-leaf teas?

I've done a lot of the legwork for you...  I searched high and wide and curated the best loose leaf teas and tea blends.  I will provide you my best choices in future blogs.  Be on the lookout for it...  Your sleep deserves the best!

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