Connie Challingsworth
We appreciate everything you do… last year we had three speakers, and [the participants] would not stop talking at their tables. Linda, when you spoke you could hear a pin drop!… and we hear comment after comment that [your seminar] was so motivational… you had people ready to get up and do something, to believe in themselves… you were able to reach team and help them find the inner strength they didn’t know they were just wonderful.
— Garden State Employment and Training Association
It was very inspirational… I will definitely try the 21 day program… maybe I can get my kids… and teach them while they are young to learn more than they already have…
— Sandy LaPlage
What she sounds like, above all else, is a believer: in herself and in what other people can do to improve their lot in life.
— The Philadelphia Inquirer
...Linda has the foundation for building a winning attitude, successful future and fulfilling your dreams.
— Les Brown
girl scouts of america
We enjoyed Linda’s ‘7 Empowering Steps to Success’ presentation. We especially liked her viewpoints on affirmations and self-evaluations. Linda was very engaging and there was good audience participation.
— Girl Scouts
Simple Treasures® for a Complex World is a delight!
— Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, former US Ambassador and Senator of Illinois, first African American woman in the U.S. Senate, Glamour Woman of the Year Award recipient
… you woke up my mind. I would recommend her to anybody… read her book!… very positive thinking!
— Star Award Recipient