Touch is your ally to good comfort.

Sleep and comfort go hand in hand. From the day you're born, you starve for a comfortable environment to sleep.  Like all infants you value comfort in all things.  

Why? Because comfort equates to peace, calm and consistency, three things you need to sleep well.

However, comfort is beyond a good mattress or a soft pillow; it's anything that touches your face, your body, your skin.

Ways To Ensure The Most Comfortable Environment for Sleep

  • Check closely anything that touches your skin (pajamas, sheets, pillows and mattresses) - do they help or hinder your sleep? 
  • Taking a shower or bath before sleep has worked wonders for me.
  • Creams and lotions can be quite soothing and a good foundation for sleep
  • If you're sweating or shivering, the temperature in the room may not be conducive to good sleep.  Research suggests that a temperature around 65 degrees Fahrenheit is most appropriate for sleep
  • Wearing socks when the bed is cold can help make you feel more comfortable
  • Choosing a mattress is a very personal process.  There is no "one-size-fits-all."  Take your time and choose carefully.  Be willing to invest a more for a good matress
  • Replace your mattress regularly (experts say every eight years but, sooner if you're over 40).

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